Loto Quebec Sports Betting & Casino Review

Loto Quebec Sports Betting & Casino Review

Last update: 16 Feb 2023

Loto Quebec Sports Betting & Casino Review

Since 1969, Loto Quebec has been responsible for overseeing all gaming and lottery activities in the province. Nowadays, that means overseeing online gaming as well.

Currently, Loto Quebec’s website provides the only provincially regulated sports betting and casino in the province.

But since there are other safe providers available, we wanted to test both the sportsbook and casino and compare them thoroughly to the other choices bettors have.

Here’s how it holds up.

Loto Quebec Overview

Is Loto Quebec Safe?

Since we’re talking about the very governing body that controls all gaming in the province, it’s safe to say that Loto Quebec is a safe betting option for Quebecers.

Besides urging bettors to set deposit limits, the operator also has numerous tips for staying in control and explains various false beliefs that often lead to gambling addiction.

Finally, the brand sponsors multiple sports teams in Canada, including Montreal Canadiens and Quebec Capitales.

Mise-o-Jeu+ Review

Up until recently, Quebecers could only bet at Mise-o-Jeu, which was Loto Quebec’s official sportsbook.

With only 10 sports and the need for bettors to visit an actual retailer in order to finalize their bet, this was far from impressive.

However, Loto Quebec has recognized this and recently launched Mise-o-Jeu+, which is a far more decent sportsbook, comparable to what private operators have to offer.

The Look and Feel

The first thing we noticed is a far more modern look compared to Mise-o-Jeu. While the older sportsbook looks like something that crawled out of the beginning of the millennia, Mise-o-Jeu+ has a modern look.

Not only is it easy on the eye, but it also makes it far simpler to find what you need. In the menu on the left, bettors can look through all sports as well as the most popular leagues.

However, the top menu is a bit confusing. For example, clicking on “Sports” won’t take you to all sports, but will instead take you to a separate website where you get to choose between Mise-o-Jeu, Mise-o-Jeu+, and virtual sports.

It’s also easy to change the odds format by scrolling to the bottom of the left hand side menu.

How to change the odds format at Mise-o-Jeu+

We did like that the bet slip is immediately visible, but it’s of regular size, as some sportsbooks like Fanduel tend to overdo it.

One final touch is that you can pin certain events you want to follow, and see the current popular bets for inspiration.

Pin events + popular betsPin events + popular bets

How to Sign Up

Signing up to Loto Quebec turned out to be longer than necessary, as some steps were redundant.

1.First, we had to locate the Sign Up button in the top right corner.

Loto Quebec sign up buttonLoto Quebec sign up button

2. After that, we once again had to reiterate that we want to sign up.

Loto Quebec: Open an account buttonLoto Quebec: Open an account button

3. Once we did that, we were asked for some personal information such as name and phone number.

Loto Quebec sign up process: provide personal infoLoto Quebec sign up process: provide personal info

4. We were then prompted to come up with a password. However, not only was a special sign not asked for, it wasn’t even allowed, which isn’t good password practice.

Choosing a password at Loto QuebecChoosing a password at Loto Quebec

5. Loto Quebec does make up for it by asking you to answer a security question.

Loto Quebec has a security questionLoto Quebec has a security question

However, at this point, the signup process had just dragged on, as we’re used to being done after 3 to 4 entries at other sportsbooks.

6. What’s more, they only ask you for your date of birth at the end of the process, not among the personal information questions as you’d expect.

Again, we found this to prolong the process unnecessarily. On top of it, the format of writing the age is a bit strange, starting with the year first.

Loto Quebec asks you to provide your ageLoto Quebec asks you to provide your age

Sports Betting

Another area that hugely improved with Mise-o-Jeu+ being introduced is the number and variety of sports on offer.

But while the 23 sports it offers is far better than 10 Mise-o-Jeu has, it still cannot compare to 35+ many sportsbooks in Canada have.

And despite the main sports Canadians are looking being offered, such as:


we were disappointed by the absence of both curling and lacrosse, which we would have expected at a Quebec-based website. Meanwhile, some international operators like Sports Interaction do offer those.

One thing we liked is the TV category, which apart from the upcoming Oscars also lets you bet on Quebec Voice.

And while Mise-o-Jeu only had LoL among its eSports offering, Mise-o-Jeu+ did add CS:GO and Dota.

Virtual Sports

We also cannot disregard that Loto Quebec has a separate Virtual Sports section for its bettors. There are six games to choose from:

Soccer GOCars GOSpeedway GOCycling GOHorses GODogs GO

Bettors will find the must-have bet types at Mis-o-Jeu+, such as moneyline, spreads, and totals.

loto quebec bet types

Same-Game Parlays are also available!

But those who love props will likely be disappointed as there’s only a handful of those per game.

Let’s take an England Championship game as an example.

For Swansea City vs Blackpool, Mis-o-Jeu+ offered only 2 player props: 1st goalscorer and goalscorer.

Meanwhile, on top of these two, Betway’s options also included:

Player to score 2 or more goalsPlayer to score 3 or more goalsFirst goalscorer and team win/lose/drawLast goalscorerPlayer to score in both halvesHome team first goalscorerAway team first goalscorerPlayer to score exactly 1/2/3 goalsPlayer to outscore opposition

Betting Tools

Since Mise-o-Jeu required the bettors to finish their bet at a retailer, live betting simply wasn’t an option, and neither was cashing out.

However, with the introduction of Mise-o-Jeu+, both of these became valid betting tools, which made many bettors happy!

We were positively surprised to see that Loto Quebec actually allows cashing out on virtually all betting markets of a certain game.

We also liked that you can immediately tell whether that specific market is even available for a cash out, as some sportsbooks make you put it on a bet slip before showing you this.

Loto Quebec cash out signLoto Quebec cash out sign

And while we applaud the newly added live betting and cashing out options, we’re aware that Mise-o-Jeu+ would still need to go a step further in order to compete with more popular Canadian sportsbooks such as Bet99 or bet365.

For one, it lacks the live streaming feature both of these offer, and bet365 does so in HD.

There’s also no match statistics to rely on, but there is the Experts’ Corner which is really well thought out. Bettors can find not only news pieces but also videos and podcasts about the experts’ best predictions for the upcoming games.

Loto Quebec Odds

Provincially regulated brands are known to be safe and legal, but notoriously bad at competitive odds. To see if Mise-o-Jeu+ follows suit, we compared three separate sports.


SportsbookMontreal CanadiensCAR Hurricanesbet3654.251.23Bet994.001.25Mis-o-Jeu+4.201.23NHL Moneyline odds comparison


SportsbookWinnipeg Blue BombersBritish Columbia LionsCalgary Stampedersbet3652.855.755.75Bet992.905.606.00Mis-o-Jeu+ outrights odds comparison


SportsbookWashington WizardsMinnesota Timberwolvesbet3652.401.62Bet992.251.66Mis-o-Jeu+2.401.60NBA Moneyline odds comparison competitive odds

To our surprise, it turned out Mise-o-Jeu+ has very competitive odds compared to those of international sportsbooks.

In fact, Mis-o-Jeu+ has the highest odds for Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Calgary Stampeders when it comes to the CFL outrights.

Along with bet365, it beats Bet99’s odds for the WAS Wizards vs MIN Timberwolves game, at least when it comes to the underdog.

However, it does tend to have lower odds for the favourite than Bet99.

Loto Quebec Casino

If we’re being honest (and we always are), we weren’t as thrilled to see Loto Quebec’s casino offering as we were by its new and revamped Mis‚e-o-Jeu+ sportsbook.

While there is a decent variety of casino games as such, including:


and even solitaire, there are only a handful of games per each. It all totals to <200 slots and 50 other games, and that’s a far cry from the 1000+ many Canadian casinos are offering.

Still, we have to commend Loto Quebec for having keno, which is very rare among Canadian casinos.

The brand also has progressive jackpots, which we’d like to see more often in Canadian casinos.

Live Casino

The operator also has a decent live casino section, where players can opt for the usuals like baccarat, poker, slots, and blackjack, but also for game shows and dice.

Loto Quebec Payment Methods

Interac Available

Low Minimum Deposit

Very Few Payment Methods

Given that Loto Quebec is a Canadian establishment, we were glad (but not surprised) to see Interac available as a payment method.

However, besides the Canadian favourite, there are only three other payment methods to choose from:

Credit/Debit cardsArgent Web couponsBill payment.

With the absence of more popular payment methods such as paysafecard or Flexepin, it’s not among the richest sportsbooks when it comes to the variety of depositing and withdrawing methods.

But having Argent Web tickets as an option certainly helps bettors feel safer, as prepaid cards are always a welcome payment option.

Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals

The minimum deposit at Loto Quebec is $10, which is pretty standard for Canadian betting sites.

When withdrawing money, you’ll have to have at least $20 to withdraw.

We were also happy to see that unless your withdrawal is equal to or larger than $100,000, it will be automatically processed. That being said, there will be a certain waiting time related to the payment method itself.

Loto Quebec App

Good news: there is a Loto Quebec app that’s easily downloadable right off the website. Not only that, but users have high praise for it.

The only downside we could see is that it doesn’t work well in the background; i.e., if you’ve started playing a casino game and get a call, you’ll be sent back to the homepage when you return.

To download the app, you first need to locate “Web App” at the top of the left navigation menu.

Loto Quebec upper left menuLoto Quebec upper left menu

You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can choose which device you need to download the app for.

Loto Quebec App DownloadLoto Quebec App Download

Customer Support

While Loto Quebec does offer the option to contact them via phone 24/7, the lack of a much more practical live chat that most international sportsbooks have is certainly a downside.

Another way to contact them is via email or regular mail.

Mise-o-jeu+ does have a very helpful Questions & Answers section that manages to answer many of the uncertainties users may have.

Our Verdict

When we first started testing Loto Quebec, we didn’t have high hopes. After all, most provincially regulated websites are notorious for their lack of betting markets, betting tools, and low odds.

We’re happy to say that we were pleasantly surprised!

Loto Quebec’s Mise-o-Jeu+ has a modern look, one that’s easy to navigate. It comes complete with cash out and live betting options, and has very competitive odds.

We did find some downsides. There are far fewer sports on offer than what many international operators have (for example, bet365 has over 35), there’s no live streaming, and the casino section has only but a handful of games.

That being said, it does have keno, which is very rarely found in Canada.

Finally, we weren’t happy to see the lack of any sort of live chat, especially since most of Loto Quebec’s competitors have a 24/7 one.

Overall, though, we have to admit it’s among the better provincially regulated sportsbooks we reviewed.

Loto Quebec Alternatives

Still, if you’re looking for more sports, more betting markets, or better betting tools such as live streaming, there are plenty of international websites available to you.

We recommend only those with an iGO license, which makes them legal in Ontario, as it’s currently the only regulated market in Canada.


Can you bet on sports in Québec?

Absolutely! Betting on sports is legal in Quebec, and you can do it via the provincially regulated option (Loto Quebec) or by accessing one of the many safe international sites you have available.

Is there a Loto Quebec app?

Yes, Loto Quebec has a very functional downloadable app for both iOS and Android.

Does Mise-o-Jeu have an app?

Yes, there is an app for Mise-o-Jeu. There is also a separate app for the new and improved Mise-o-Jeu+, which allows you to bet fully online.

Can you gamble online in Québec?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Quebec and is overseen by Loto Quebec. However, other online casinos are available to Quebecers, such as bet365, Bet99, and Sports Interaction.

Author: Willie Rodriguez