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Honest Review of Profit Accumulator

We get TONNES of requests for a Profit Accumulator review.

For those of you looking for an honest review, look no further.

We completely understand why so many people ask for it:

It can be really tough making decisions online with your money these days, especially when many people are worried that matched betting is a con.

There are plenty of other Profit Accumulator reviews out there, but when a large number of those sites earn money by convincing you to join the company, can you be certain that they can be trusted?

We wanted to provide the most detailed, in-depth, and honest post possible for anyone wondering if Profit Accumulator ltd are any good.

That’s exactly what we’ve done here.

Read through to the end and remember to reach your own conclusions. Everything you read here is simply our opinion based on testing and experience.

General Overview of Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator was set up by Sam Stoffel in 2014.

It was not the first matched betting service in the world, but it was arguably the first one that really hit the mainstream.

It was marketed in a way that allowed it to rapidly grow, becoming the biggest service in the industry, and also growing the industry as a whole significantly.

Their service now costs £24.99-per-month (cancel anytime)

Or you could pay £199 for the whole year, which works out to just £16.58 per-month. 

The also have a Diamond Membership which costs £44.99 per month, or £349 per year. This works out to be just £29 if you pay annually rather than monthly.

For this you get full access to their casino bonuses and casino software, which enables you to tap into even more profits.

They also have a loyalty scheme which means if you’re a member for more than a year, you’ll save yourself a bit of extra cash.

But are they competitive on service and products?

We’ll explore that in significantly more detail in this post.

In fact, ‘significantly’ is an understatement.

We’ve torn apart every aspect of their products and services in order to put together this insane 3,000+ word Profit Accumulator review; the biggest and best review of their service on the planet.

Products & Services

Profit Accumulator has a variety of different products and tools on offer, helping you with all areas of matched betting.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’re looking to move on to become more advanced by making money on horse racing offers, football accumulator refunds and a whole load more.

They aim to cater to everyone, but do they succeed in this? 

Let’s scrutinise their products and services a little further:

Tutorials & Training Videos

Profit Accumulator training

If you are a total beginner to all of this, you will obviously be most focused on the standard of their tutorials, guides, and training videos.

We’ve selected a ‘sportsbook’ offer at random in order to test how in-depth each one is and whether you’d be able to learn from it.

Out of respect for members that have to pay to see this premium content, we’ve redacted the most important information.

The offer starts with an in-depth video, with the recommendation on the page that you should start by watching the video guide in its entirety:

Sign up offer test

We have watched the video through and can confidently say that it would guide the vast majority of people through the process of making a profit from the sign-up offer.

If we had one criticism, it is that the video came in a little on the long side – at over 12 minutes in length – meaning some people may lose focus. It probably could have been trimmed down to around 8-9 minutes, but the positive side of it being longer is that it gives beginners the chance to digest the information more carefully and fully understand it as a result.

If you don’t want to learn via a video and would instead prefer to learn via written instructions, the offer page also has an in-depth step-by-step guide:

Sign up offer - test 2

We believe the written guide is adequate for beginners to follow along with and make a profit.

While Profit Accumulator recommends that you follow both the video and the written guide, most people will be comfortable using one or the other. However, obviously it’s likely to be better if you do follow both – especially if it’s your first ever matched bet.

They have a large number of beginner matched betting tutorials and well-produced videos that talk you through each and every offer step-by-step.

It’s hard to make a mistake when completing your offers because the tutorials take you through the whole process from start to finish in great detail.

The guides cover every aspect of that particular bookmaker; signing up, finding your bet, choosing which odds to go for, getting your free bet, choosing what you should place your free bet on, wagering or rollover requirements, and more detail wherever necessary.

They write up a unique tutorial for each offer they put on their site – and these new betting offers go live every single day.

We often get people asking if there are any risks with joining Profit Accumulator, which there aren’t when it comes to matched betting the majority of the time.

We frequently have beginners emailing us asking “is Profit Accumulator legit?” and “does Profit Accumulator work?” – yes, they’re absolutely legit, and yes, it works well. Simple enough, right?

There are hundreds of opportunities on the site every week for you to earn money, regardless of if you’re already signed up to bookmakers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced matched bettor, or someone completely new to the idea with no clue what matched betting is.

If you wanted to get started on their free tutorials, you can do so via this link.

Ongoing Offers & Profits

Many people are under the massively wrong impression that matched betting is only good for sign-up offers, and once you’re signed up to bookmakers you can no longer make any profit.

This is completely WRONG!

Even if you already have a Coral account, or a Bet365 account, or any other bookmaker account for that matter, you can still make a great deal of money every month from matched betting.

This is because of one main thing: reload offers.

These are the offers you can take part in when you’re already signed up to a bookmaker.

Reload offers are where the real money is; consistent returns, month after month.

Profit Accumulator claim to have more offers listed than anywhere else and also claim that they have the biggest ‘offers team’ – meaning more members of staff dedicated to finding potential profit opportunities and teaching users how to do them.

We’re not 100% sure if this claim is true but they do post a lot of offers.

They list all of the day’s or week’s offers all in one place – on their Platinum forum. This makes it easy to work your way through them on a daily basis.

In addition to reload offers, there are also a range of other enjoyable and extremely profitable offers to complete, such as casino offers and bingo offers.

They also have a ‘£1,000 per month‘ forum thread which is updated every day, listing all of the day’s offers that will ‘guarantee’ you at least £1,000 profit in a month.

1,000 a month thread

This can be used as a good guideline to help a user achieve the £1,000 monthly profit figure from low-risk reloads alone, although some offers are regularly repeated and might sometimes be likely to get you restricted by a bookmaker.


ProfitAccumulator has developed their own odds-searching software that comes with a range of features to assist bettors of all experience levels.

If you are totally new to this and are unsure what an oddsmatcher is, it’s the tool you will use most in the world of matched betting. By far.

It is how we find what to bet on; we don’t pick bets at random, we allow software to find us the best selections based on maths.

Originally, the site was using the oddsmatcher developed by Oddsmonkey.

However, when the two sites became direct competitors back in April 2017, it became essential for PA to develop their own tool as quickly as possible.

The original version had its limitations, but it’s now developed into a tool that has enough features to get all matched bettors debating which company has the better oddsmatcher.

The oddsmatching software includes a range of different markets within football, horse racing, tennis, American football, baseball, basketball and rugby.

It is useful because, instead of needing to manually find odds on bookmaker websites for you to place your bet on, you simply choose the bookmaker within the oddsmatcher and the odds you’re looking for – the odds that are recommended in each guide that you’re following.

Profit Accumulator oddsmatcher

It looks a lot more confusing than it actually is – after a day of training, things will make much more sense.

The oddsmatcher can also be used even for arbitrage bets.

Within the oddsmatcher you’re able to click on the odds and place your bet without ever needing to put any real effort in – their calculator is even built in to the software and does the calculations for you right there and then.

The main stand-out feature this tool possesses versus its competition is the fact it auto-refreshes.


One of the most off-putting things for beginners is wondering how much they need to bet on each outcome in order to make a profit.

Well, Profit Accumulator’s matched betting calculator is extremely simple to use.

You just put your odds in from the bookmaker and betting exchange, put the stake of your bet or the free bet, and it will tell you exactly how much you need to lay off and what your profit will be – regardless of the outcome of the event you’re betting on!

You will be taught how to use the calculator within the beginner guides, so if any of this seems confusing and you’re a beginner, – don’t worry.

We, of course, have our own free lay calculator right here on the site too, if you need one to bookmark.

There are a variety of other calculators, too, for as you progress through to a more advanced level.

One of the most popular calculators is the 2-up lock-in calculator, which makes use of the popular 2-up offer.

Match Catcher

The Profit Accumulator Match Catcher is one step ahead of their oddsmatcher – providing more up-to-date odds solely for horse racing special offers.

It updates in real-time, and specialises in finding odds on horses that are only featured in offer races.

On Saturdays and during big horse racing events like the Grand National and the Gold Cup, the Match Catcher can be a Godsend.

Match catcher for horse racing offers

This tool is set up each day to only include races that have promotions on them, and to only include the bookmakers that are running said promotions for each race.

One of the most useful aspects of this tool is that, once you’ve completed the offers on a certain race, you can remove that race from the filter. If you don’t have access to a certain bookmaker, you can remove them from the filter entirely.

It should save you a lot of time every time you use it, helping to further improve your matched betting ROI in terms of both time and money.

Accumulator Software

The ‘Acca Catcher’ will help you to make a profit from accumulators.

Accumulator offers are for slightly more experienced matched bettors (so don’t worry about them when first signing up) and our Acca Catcher review would be that it really is useful for completing accumulators and also staying on top of them.

Within the Acca Catcher, you have two different options to profit from accumulators; regular or lay all.

The two options give people a choice depending on their tolerance for risk.

With the ‘regular’ option, you select multiple games and ensure none of them overlap. You then lay each leg one-by-one depending on the result. With ‘lay all’ accas, you – as the name suggests – lay all of the games up front.

Acca catcher

Because they are +EV, or positive expected value, it means that users should profit from their selected accumulators.

However, accumulators can be confusing for new matched bettors.

We advise you stick to learning the basic offers before moving on to more advanced techniques like this.

Profit Tracker

Many people are often on the lookout for a matched betting spreadsheet to help them track bets and profits.

Whilst a spreadsheet is something we use here at Beating Betting, many people prefer the ease and speed of profit trackers; something that Profit Accumulator has on their site.

This allows you to track your bets, profits, and notes all in one place. Because it’s online, it means you can access your bet details whilst you’re out and about.

It also has a useful ‘balance sheet’ feature for tracking your bankroll, bookmaker deposits and pending withdrawals:

Balance sheet for bookies

Once you have joined ten (or more) bookmakers, it can become difficult to keep track of where your money is if you’re not organised.

The balance sheet is one of the most simple features of the site – but it’s one that had been missing from the industry for too long.

Matched Betting Forum

One of the best things about the company is the amount of help you get on their forum.

Their matched betting forum is packed with other matched bettors at all levels of experience, moderators and staff willing to help with offers.

Not only are they willing to help, but members are also constantly sharing new tips, notifying others of great odds in certain markets and generally being all-round useful people.

Everyone gets really involved in help and discussion 24/7, with jokes and casual chatter often finding a place.

Profit Accumulator forum

As cringeworthy as it sounds, we made a lot of ‘online friends’ on the Profit Accumulator forum back in the day.

Now, sadly, don’t get the time to engage in the forums on matched betting sites very much as we’re too busy running things here!

We have sometimes seen a number of users gloating about betting with big stakes from time-to-time, which we think is potentially detrimental to other users and the matched betting industry as a whole.

We don’t believe things like that are a good example to be setting to beginners, especially when newcomers can often be downhearted by achieving smaller profits.

We believe that any profit is a great result!

However, these comments of people bragging can also be used as motivation for many people.

Our advice:

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate level matched bettor, you shouldn’t worry too much about big stakes or huge wins.

If everyone starts piling on with four-figure bets because they see one or a few users bragging about how big they bet and how much they won, we’re going to see fewer offers released and many more accounts being shut down.

We’d also see more users getting into sticky situations with large portions of their bankroll tied up in withdrawals.

Stick to the limitations of your own bankroll and bet with what you’re comfortable with.

There is some criticism of heavy moderation on the forum at times too, such as the censorship of the names of other products and services.

However, at times, certain levels of moderation is necessary to prevent certain conversations from arising that aren’t allowed to be discussed. We just prefer things to be a little more open – provide a service so good that you don’t care if your competition is mentioned!

Customer Service & Support

As well as the forum moderators, the company’s support staff are reasonable.

They’re clued up on matched betting, but also provide good customer service whether you need to ask queries about their service or your membership via the phone or email.

Their service is usually absolutely fine, although with almost any company you’re going to have stories of unsatisfactory dealings.

ProfitAccumulator offer a full refund if you do not make your money back, so you are essentially freerolling the process.

Personally, when I first joined, I signed up for a full year to the paid ‘Platinum’ package.

My twelve-month membership cost me £150 and I was in profit after just two days, despite not understanding a thing about matched betting before I joined.

We had a number of disagreements with Profit Accumulator in the past, but decided to put the past behind us and call it water under the bridge back in early 2018.

Most of our disputes came about because we felt their service did not provide value for money in the market, but we changed our opinion once they lowered their pricing and released a range of new features.

Comparison vs. Competitors

Profit Accumulator were the biggest matched betting site around is in terms of active users, and when you become so successful, you’re going to have people rising and trying to challenge you for the throne.

It’s only natural.

It’s hotly contested between Profit Accumulator vs. Oddsmonkey as to who is the better site for sports matched betting offers.

We favour Oddsmonkey (free trial here) on Beating Betting, but there are many people that prefer Profit Accumulator (free trial here) too.

They both offer a free trial, so maybe you can try both for yourself and see which one you think is best.

For casino offers, and specifically high-risk casino offers, we think the best choice is Profit Maximiser (which you can find here).

Aside from paid competitors, many people are also on the lookout for free matched betting sites and free Profit Accumulator alternatives.

Free matched betting sites are fine, if you want to earn a £200-a-month profit. And some people do. That’s cool. We get it.

But for those that want to try to make significantly more, you have to invest just a tiny percentage of that in a site that will do all of the hard work for you.

ALSO READ: we now have a full comparison of the best paid and free matched betting sites.

Success Stories

There are thousands of Profit Accumulator success stories, and these are shouted about in the various clubs they have on their forum.

They have a £1k profit club, a £3k profit club, a £10k, a £25k, a £50k and even a £100k profit club that has several members in – all from matched betting through the site!

As well as providing many success stories on a regular basis, these clubs also provide motivation for many other matched bettors.

There is also a thread on the forum for showing off things you’ve purchased with your matched betting profits – further enforcing the success stories that every single member of the site will replicate.

Profit Accumulator Subreddit

There isn’t a section on Reddit for Profit Accumulator, but we do have our own matched betting subreddit – you can join us on there at r/GuidetoMatchedBetting.


All-in-all, Profit Accumulator is a great site for your matched betting.

That advice comes to you from us – experienced matched bettors that have been doing this for a long time.

We believe the site is worthy of a full 5-star rating, something that only a very small number of products and services are awarded here on this site.

If you want to check them out, you can do so here.

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